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Financial Planning for Federal Employees

We know that federal families want and deserve answers, and we want to help you sustain your financial independence. That’s why we created this website with educational material. Our mission is to help you plan through research-based strategies so you can get the most of out of retirement.

We are a highly specialized group of fiduciary financial planners that work with families with one or more federal employees. We provide guidance to a number of wealthy families who value the objectivity that comes with engaging a small, fee-only firm focused on their unique needs and concerns.

As “middle class millionaires”, families who work with us have been successful savers and now want to optimize their wealth as they head into and through retirement. They have specific concerns around developing the right withdrawal and income strategy, reducing and saving on taxes, making sure they’re invested correctly along the way, and planning around the legacy they may leave their family.

As a client, our collaborative team of professionals all work for you and with you through all changes in the economy, markets, and your life. The power of our team is behind you, and our combined experienced is geared towards bringing you better outcomes to help you feel confident and prepared for your future.

If you’re retired or have 2 years or less until retirement, keep reading…

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Federal Retirement Planning

We help our clients reach their financial goals without the risk of running out of money. We want to give you clarity and confidence so you can spend time doing things that matter most to you.

A Refreshing Approach to Planning

Why do federal employees and retirees choose to work with us? Because it starts with who you are, not us. Your goals and dreams aren’t just about pie charts and numbers. They’re about what really matters to you: your work and family, the way you want to live, and the legacy you want to leave behind. The process of developing a financial plan that’s right for you means we come to an understanding of your hopes, dreams and choices, the tools available to you, and what you really need to meet your goals. We involve you in the process so you understand how your money supports your goals. And, together, we develop a plan that’s just right for you.

Focusing on Feds

We are specialized in serving federal employees. Our planners have experience and expertise with FERS benefits. We’ll help you utilize the right options available to you within FERS and your other financial means, to help you maximize your desired results, enhance your lifestyle, and achieve financial independence.

Fiduciary Planners

The details matter in retirement. We help clients with: retirement income planning, tax bracket management, investments, FERS benefits, legacy/insurance planning, scenario modeling, and more. Clients appreciate that we’re able to both plan and implement these efforts on their behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of families do you usually work with?

Most of the families that we serve are/were dual income households, have a net worth of around $2M+, and are retired or are 2 years or less from retirement.

Do you focus only on retirement planning?

Yes, most of our clients are late-career federal leaders/executives planning their separation from service. Some retire fully, others choose to contribute toward something else in retirement.

How often do we meet with you and our planning team?

As much as you’d like to see us. We’re boutique by design. We communicate with our clients multiple times in a year, and then any time there’s something you’d like to discuss with us.

Do we both need to be/have been federal employees?

No, many of the families we work with have one member with federal benefits and the other that works in the private sector. Our planners have expertise in this combined planning as well.

Do you only work with families local to Washington, DC?

Nope! We have clients across the country, even some currently stationed internationally.

Do you give us reporting on our accounts and how we’re doing?

Absolutely, we organize our clients’ financial information with thorough and easy to understand reporting through our secure client portal, as well as offering logins directly with the custodian.

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A better wealth management experience

Meet Your Team

Jamie Lapin, CFP, AIF, CDFA

Private Wealth Advisor

Jamie has spent her career helping families reach financial freedom by simplifying the complex. She has built a firm of professionals to be a collective wealth of knowledge to the families we serve.

Jamie is one of the first Certified Financial Planner professionals, having attended…

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Thiago Glieger, AIF, ChFEBC

Private Wealth Advisor

Thiago leads our team of professionals and advises clients on all matters involving their wealth, helping them understand how all the pieces work together.

Thiago has given presentations on FERS retirement and other financial planning concepts at agencies in…

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Amy Kryjak

Amy Kryjak

Operations Manager

Sandra Gorham

Sandra Gorham

Executive Assistant

Lauren Hooker

Lauren Hooker

Client Service Associate

Behind the scenes

Our advisors are the ones who get to know you best, but it takes a robust and experienced team to build and implement a successful plan. Behind the curtains are our talented teams of professionals supporting us including financial planners, portfolio managers and operations specialists, each playing an integral part in helping you make your plans a reality.

Susan Chesney

Susan Chesney, MS, CFP

Financial Planner

Sue runs and operates Delegated Planning, managing our team of financial planners that supports our advisors and clients. With 20+ years of experience, Sue has served thousands of families ranging from simple retirement plans to complex $50 million family wealth plans.

Cassandra Sakala

Client Service

Sandy manages our service team and helps make sure the families we serve always have the same excellent experience. They handle all of the moving parts in making sure our clients’ plans are implemented smoothly and correctly.

Cassandra Sakala

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“What all can you do for your clients?”


FERS Benefits Planning

Maximize your FERS, TSP, FEHB, FEGLI, spousal, Social Security, and other benefits so that you may enjoy the lifestyles you’ve earned and a financially secure life after service.


Financial Planning

We’ll help you create a blueprint that represents the life you’d like to live, and together we’ll define your objectives and gear your wealth toward attaining them.


Retirement Planning

Many people worry they’ll outlive their money. We’ll help you create a plan to support you for a lifetime, and then show you how to invest in a way to sustain this plan.


Portfolio Management

Investors are more successful when supported by a team of experts, due to skills and behavioral biases. As financial behaviorists, we help you avoid many common pitfalls.


Enhanced Tax Management

Tax-efficient investing can considerably enhance your returns, helping you to keep more of what you earn. We leverage tax strategies to maximize after-tax returns.


Protection & Insurance

The right insurance coverage helps protect your future and mitigate unexpected risks at a reasonable cost. We advise on coverages in the areas of life, health, business and P&C.


Legacy Management

By reviewing your documents and collaborating with your legal counsel, we help ensure your estate is protected and directed with your intended stewardship for the next generation.


Strategic Partnerships

We work with other professionals to safeguard and enhance your financial position, either with your team or introducing you to trusted professionals with whom our clients have had success.

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Federal Retirement Planning

Take control of your retirement.

It’s never too early to start planning for your future. We provide financial planning for federal employees. Tell us more about your goals and your family’s needs, and your RMG team will get you on a plan to help you achieve them.

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